Committed To Sustainability

Governance & Policies

Feronia established an Environmental, Social and Governance “ESG” Board Committee in April 2014 which reports directly to the |Board. The remit of the committee is to guide and oversee our commitments to environmental and social performance (including our commitment to RSPO certification), as well as monitoring the implementation of our Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).

The ESAP was designed in collaboration with our Development Finance Institution investors and lenders to address key deficiencies in the short term and provide a roadmap for long –term sustainability through continuous monitoring, evaluation and re-investment.  The committee has regular quarterly meetings and additional meetings as required on specific issues as and when they arise. It consists of three Feronia Board Directors, supported by technical specialist observers and advisers from our DFI investors and lenders who are asked to provide advice and guidance on technical issues when needed. 

To oversee day to day management of our environmental and social activities we have created a management structure which comprises environmental, social and health and safety managers from our corporate offices down to our plantations. At the top of this structure sits our Environmental, Social and Governance Director, who reports directly to the board. We have a specialist internal audit team who carry out periodic checks to ISO 140001 standards in order to ensure that we are achieving our environmental goals.

Find out more about our ESAP here

Feronia‘s business code of conduct sets the standards for what is expected of everyone working for the Company. These standards inform our daily work as well as our longer term planning and strategies. The Policies define our performance requirements in relation to environmental and social responsibility, anti-bribery and corruption, transparency, the use of security personnel, and health and safety and other matters. The Feronia Board of Directors maintain regular oversight of our policies, which are reviewed every year to ensure they are kept up to date with emerging good practices. View our policies below.