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Established in the 1910s

Boteka is the Company’s oldest and smallest plantation at 13,542 hectares and is located at 0°23'40.90"S 19° 5'39.95"E. Boteka is 110 km east of the town of Mbandaka, which has a population of approximately half a million people and an airport with regular flights to Kinshasa and other towns and cities in the DRC.

Made up of one estate, Boteka consists of 31 concessions which PHC has leased from the DRC Government since the 1910s. As at December 31, 2014, Boteka had a planted area of 4,104 ha of which 2,382 ha were immature and 1,722 ha mature.

A large amount of the Boteka plantation will never be planted on as it contain wild life buffer zones, areas of high conservation value, roads, villages and other areas unsuitable for planting. The Company is working with environmental advisers to establish its future replanting strategy at Boteka.

Boteka has a 10 tonne per hour of FFB mill which produces CPO. Palm Kernels from Boteka are shipped to Yaligimba for processing.

In 2014, Boteka produced 1,309 tonnes of CPO which was sold in the DRC.

Boteka has:

355 Km of Operational Roads

640 houses

10 Schools

1 Hospitals

4 Dispensaries

1 Health Centre

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