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Health & Safety Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Feronia (the “Company”) is committed to ensuring that health and safety at work is a primary business objective and to the continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

Our aim is to prevent all incidents of personal injury and occupational ill health by providing a safe and healthy workplace and working conditions for all employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

Management at all levels of the Company are responsible for the occupational health and safety of their staff.

Whilst Feronia recognises that employees have a right to a safe and healthy place of work, we expect all workers to assume personal responsibility and take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues. Feronia expects all employees to contribute effectively towards the Company aim by identifying and eliminating, or minimising, risks as far as reasonably practicable.

Feronia will strive for the highest standards of occupational health and safety so as to promote a strong safety culture and safeguard the wellbeing of those working, visiting and living in the vicinity of our operations.

Accordingly Feronia aims are to:

  • Comply with the relevant country legislation and apply standards of occupational health and safety which are consistent with good international industry practice, as reflected in various internationally recognised sources, including the World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines.
  • Manage health and safety by implementing systems and processes to identify, assess and eliminate or reduce risks.
  • Develop, design, operate and maintain facilities and processes that are safe and without risk to health, according to the Company’s risk assessments.
  • Develop, implement and maintain systems which will establish appropriate standards of occupational health and safety and ensure compliance with these standards through regular monitoring and auditing programmes.
  • Set annual improvement objectives and targets, and review these to ensure they are being met at divisional and group level.Involve all employees in the implementation of this policy and provide adequate guidance, supervision, training and equipment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Effectively communicate information on health and safety at work to employees, contractors, suppliers and relevant external parties by the establishment of suitable communication networks. 
  • Monitor and review the performance of the health and safety policy and plans by establishing an environmental and social executive committee at the highest level of the organisation.