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Agriculture in Africa

to feed our growing world

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The DRC is the world’s best hope for the next

high-volume, low-cost
producer of the key crops

needed to feed our growing global population.

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three oil palm plantations and decades of research in oil palm seed development.

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Bringing the Brazilian model of large-scale
arable farming to the DRC. Like Brazil,

the DRC has the key traits
to become a tropical agriculture superpower.

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With over 80 million hectares
of arable farmland, the DRC
has the potential to feed over 2 billion people.

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A highly trained and dedicated team of
approximately 4,000 with knowledge
acquired through
100 years of
continuous operation.

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Responsibility // Values

At Feronia, our passion extends far beyond our agricultural operations.

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We understand our responsibilities to our communities, and believe that transforming agriculture in the Congo can and will have a profound effect on the wellbeing and wealth of all the people of Central Africa.

We believe this will be achieved by:

  • Creating self-sufficiency in agriculture. When Africa is freed from its dependence on imported food, the benefits to every individual will be immense.
  • Leading the way in environmental management. The scale of our operations gives us an important responsibility – and opportunity – to showcase responsible environmental management across our farming operations.
    Our plan includes the following practices:
    • Zero deforestation. We do not destroy forest. We achieve growth through restoring and replanting existing land.
    • We do not farm on greenfield lands.
    • All projects maintain an area for wildlife reserves integrated into the design
    • Water quality is protected and recognized as integral to the health of the wider environment.
  • Supporting our approximately 4,000-strong work force and their communities. Feronia PHC has been providing basic services to communities for nearly a century. We recognize the value of our people as our most valuable asset, and aim to benefit local communities by providing employment and advancement opportunities. We also support a community of over 45,000 with schools, healthcare, sanitation and infrastructure including roads and electricity supplies.

As part of its on-going commitment to strengthening environmental and social standards and enhancing community facilities, Feronia has developed, in conjunction with independent specialists, an Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) which it is in the process of implementing.