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Agriculture in Africa

to feed our growing world

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The DRC is the world’s best hope for the next

high-volume, low-cost
producer of the key crops

needed to feed our growing global population.

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three oil palm plantations and decades of research in oil palm seed development.

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Bringing the Brazilian model of large-scale
arable farming to the DRC. Like Brazil,

the DRC has the key traits
to become a tropical agriculture superpower.

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With over 80 million hectares
of arable farmland, the DRC
has the potential to feed over 2 billion people.

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A highly trained and dedicated team of
approximately 4,000 with knowledge
acquired through
100 years of
continuous operation.

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Responsibility // Community

For nearly a century, Feronia PHC has been providing support services to the people in the communities where we operate

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We provide employment for approximately 4,000 people, and recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. We provide education, medical services, sanitation and housing for these workers and their families, supporting a community of over 45,000. We also provide the community infrastructure, including roads and electricity supplies.

Feronia operates three comprehensive hospital facilities in the DRC – one at each of our plantations. We are the sole provider of healthcare services in our communities, providing medications, vaccinations, and general medical services. These services include various surgeries and child - delivery.

We recognize the children in our communities as being an important hope for Africa’s future, and provide schools and related facilities to encourage their potential. We currently provide numerous schools on our plantations in the DRC.

Feronia has developed an Environmental and Social Action Plan in order to strengthen environmental and social standards and enhance community facilities.