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Agriculture in Africa

to feed our growing world

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The DRC is the world’s best hope for the next

high-volume, low-cost
producer of the key crops

needed to feed our growing global population.

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three oil palm plantations and decades of research in oil palm seed development.

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Bringing the Brazilian model of large-scale
arable farming to the DRC. Like Brazil,

the DRC has the key traits
to become a tropical agriculture superpower.

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With over 80 million hectares
of arable farmland, the DRC
has the potential to feed over 2 billion people.

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A highly trained and dedicated team of
approximately 4,000 with knowledge
acquired through
100 years of
continuous operation.

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About // Vision

The DRC is the world’s best hope for the next high-volume, low-cost producer of the key crops needed to feed the world’s growing population.

The world’s population will exceed 9 billion by 2050. Global food production must increase to meet the growing demand. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has the potential to become one of the world’s key agricultural producers, with the capacity to feed over 2 billion people.

Feronia is the leading agricultural company in the country with the greatest untapped agronomic potential in the world. Control of over a quarter of a million acres of land gives us a unique runway for growth with no need for further acquisition.

We are not alone in our belief in the scale of this opportunity.

“The potential of the Congo is huge. It could be another Brazil.”
Joachim Von Braun, Former Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute

The agronomic potential of the DRC is matched only by Brazil. The country is blessed with a similarly optimal climate, available arable land, and abundant rainfall. By following the successful Brazilian large-scale farming model and deploying world-class science and technology, Feronia is set to achieve a similar agricultural transformation for the DRC.

The way forward

With a world-class management team in place, our objective is straight forward: to create a sustainable and profitable venture that will free Africa from its dependence on food imports and transform the continent into an exporter of food.

  • We will improve the quality of life in the communities where Feronia operates.
  • We will provide rewarding careers for Feronia employees.
  • We will create wealth for Feronia shareholders.

Building on the strength of our historic plantations company and harnessing today’s most advanced agricultural science and technology, we are building a globally competitive food production operation.

We have approximately 4,000 trained and motivated employees, and support a community of 45,000, for whom we provide education and medical facilities.